10 – 5 — 16


The relaxed form of troll; I ain’t trolling for nobody nor nothing; I am just strolling about, moving my legs, exercising, letting my eyes get all they can handle. That’s strolling in Hawaii, can’t walk 50 meters without seeing something that brings pleasure to the eye. And, strolling keeps you going, but slow enough to get a good eye-full.

Middle school girls practicing their swing and sway; keeping a cool eye on the boys’s reactions; high school girls doing it better. The beach bunnies are expert at the beach strip. Wiggle that shirt off; bump and grind those jeans away, then lay it down slow and easy. The girls have to do with some pimply males trying to flex and looking like fools; but they all will grow up and get it together. While us over the hill group, the “old bulls” stroll about dreaming about the days when we could.


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