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A multi-faceted word, mostly in the same frame but at times just barely. Foregoing all the other possible uses, I shall concentrate on the generation of pain.

Today I got many examples of pain generation, gas in the diverticula – a nasty sharp pain in the lower left abdomen; strange in that the genesis is not apparent until one starts to fart, oops, sorry, pass gas that one knows what caused the pain: something one ate.

Then there is the 4 am pain in both feet and lower legs as the muscles decide to contract as fully and completely as possible, generating much pain until one stands on both feet, forcing the muscles to return to a somewhat normal position.

Then there is doctor generated pain. Had a strange growth on my leg; doctor tried to freeze it off; came back bigger and nastier. Doctor: lets biopsy this so when it comes back we’ll know what to do. OK.

Nurse: this will sting like a bee – bullshit, felt like she was sawing off my foot. Doctor: feel any sharpness? No. Good.

Nurse: keep this bandage on until tomorrow this time, then replace with a band-aid. OK

Nobody said when the anesthesia wore off it would hurt like a red hot iron on skin. It does hurt like an SOB. But, I’ve drunk too much to take my opiate opioid, guess I get to suffer.

Generation a really nasty Term


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