Might be a topic that becomes quite important; dermatologist took a sample for a biopsy yesterday; results on Monday or Tuesday. A positive result would be very negative: my cardiologist will say I am not strong enough to survive either surgery or chemo-therapy or radiologic treatments.  So then I will not survive?  Or, perhaps the oncologists will suggest taking the leg at the knee; at most at the thigh; there on and above I would not survive.

If the result is negative; a very positive sign, I will just need to continue surviving my lack of an ejectile fraction and CHF.  I’ve already done that for 19 years; active years — two kids produced; several thousands of miles of bike riding. carvings, pyrography, some success at drawing and painting; three colonoscopies, double cataract surgery; at least four serious bike crashes; ribs that break at the slightest provocation.

Guess I’ll continue until I stop.


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