The May survival post:: I survived although they took 2 sq. in. of my rt ankle; which got infected and took 6 weeks to heal. In the meantime I collapsed, ER found a gram negative,bacteria in my blood, Pseudomonas Putilda, supposed to stay in the gut but got out and near killed me; six days of chaos in the hospital: only 17,000 plus dollars plus doctor fees, test fees then six weeks of daily infusions of an antibiotic, 50 miles a week on my bike to get it infused, I thought for free, no 15 usd a day says the bill; now, maybe a life-time of more pills although my PCP thinks I could handle surgery to remove the infected ICD lead. my cardiologist assures me it would kill me. Queen’s gave me 4 messages with the wrong time for my appointment, did the wrong blood test, couldn’t find a vein and offered me some of their crappy food. Wife and kids left as soon as I came home alive.


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