I’m back

Recovered, or rather reset my password; can now get in again. May write some stuff, post some photos; but, art work is past: I can barely type anymore, any use of the hands leads to cramps, first left hand, then right; and then the shakes set in. So maybe some writing & photos.

Still ride my bike, now electric, not enough power to go farther than mile on peddle power alone.  Wake up, feel like rolling over into a coffin and going away, but  promised the kids I’d get burnt so they can toss the ashes into the ocean.  So, I get up, move enough to get the systolic above 90 and creep through the day; diastolic stays at 60 no matter what I do.  Had a doctor tell me to exercise: squats, push ups, crunches, he told me I’m young enough to regrow the muscles I lost in my hospital stays.  BS, I just have sore muscles all the time.

My insurance has a new plan; my doctors get paid a flat rate, like a salary you know, no matter what they do.  Some doctors claim it only covers half.  I was told I didn’t need to make co-payments any more; but that seems to have been misinformation.  But, I did get a fifty dollar gift card for getting my blood tests — doesn’t make up for having to pay for ‘labs’ and x-rays — used to was free.

Read RLS on writing and Charles Johnson’s “The Way of the Writer”; now reading Hitchens essays; trying to wean myself from the mayhem of Mossad and Sharpe’s Rifles and Sandford’s Porsche driving maniac. Would however appreciate my son’s theft of my Hornblower series from his mother’s house so I can read it one more time.

Further this writer writeth naught





































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